Do your carpets need cleaning? Here are the three cleaning methods to consider to freshen up your carpeting.

1. Purchase a Carpet Cleaning Machine

Walk into any big box retail store and you will find carpet cleaning machines with varying options at a wide range of price points.


  • Owners can clean carpet at any time.
  • No need to make cleaning appointments.
  • Good option for families with pets, children, or high traffic homes.


  • Requires storage space for machine.
  • Machines can be bulky.
  • Machines are not as efficient as professional carpet cleaning equipment.

2. Rent a Carpet Cleaning Machine

Also available at many big box retailers and grocery stores are carpet cleaners available for rental.  Rental term tends to be on a daily or hourly basis.


  • Less costly to rent than to buy a machine.
  • No storage space required.
  • Good option for people who enjoy do it yourself projects and for homes with low carpet traffic.


  • Rental carpet cleaners are big and bulky, can be difficult to move across carpets.
  • Must complete cleaning during a specified rental period or pay additional fees.
  • Rental carpet cleaners are not as efficient as professional equipment.

3. Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

The third option that homeowners and renters can consider is professional carpet cleaning.


  • Highest quality cleaning equipment is used which provides the highest level of cleaning and sanitation to carpets
  • Quicker drying of carpets
  • Homeowners do not have to do the heavy work themselves.
  • Regular professional carpet cleaning is often a provision of carpet warranties.


  • Typically a more costly option. However, if carpets do not receive regular professional carpet cleaning treatment, they will wear out faster. Replacing carpet is always a more expensive option than providing proper periodic professional cleaning.

At Freeman Carpet Cleaning, our priority is to always help our customers make the right decisions for their homes and financial situations. In the Blackfoot, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and surrounding Eastern Idaho area, call us today and we will help you decide on a carpet cleaning plan that is right for your home and your budget.