officeOur fully trained and experienced technicians have a deep understanding of deep carpet cleaning. Just as different hard surfaces have different needs, so too do the demands of carpets vary. Our experts can identify the most effective products, techniques, and methods to extract any variety of contaminants from any variety of carpet surfaces. Our treatments utilize cutting-edge carpet cleaning technologies which extract contaminants on the deepest level, eliminating odors at their source, and leaving your carpets rejuvenated and alive.

Offices, sales areas, hallways, and break areas are exposed to high levels of traffic, and it is very difficult to monitor the cleanliness of the people using such spaces. Although it may be easy to ask your family to remove their shoes before entering your home, this luxury doesn’t exist within a business environment.

Food, dirt, dust, grime, oil, and countless other contaminants are regularly dragged upon and pushed into carpets. We all know that our lovely Idaho climate brings in mud, snow, and dust - all in the same day! Compound this with the oil and debris contained in the urban Pocatello environment, and you have a recipe for carpet destruction. Even with regular vacuuming, carpets will fade and wear prematurely. However, with the right care, your carpets can last through the tough tests Idaho’s weather may bring.

Spills and accidents can leave unsightly stains in your carpets. However, it is hard to know which cleaning products will remove stains while leaving the underlying carpet fibers undamaged. The experts at Freeman Carpet Cleaning are trained to understand what products and techniques will remove most stains from any carpet surface. Why risk damaging your floors when you can trust a Freeman Carpet Cleaning technician to take care of the job for you?

Imagine the fresh smell of newly cleaned carpets. Suddenly, the rooms are renewed with a life which inspires feelings of cleanliness and well being. Surely, maintaining clean floors and carpets affects the experiences your co-workers, employees, and customers have while they are doing business in your buildings.

Whether you need a one time cleaning or would like to schedule regular visits, Freeman Carpet Cleaning is the top choice for commercial carpet cleaning in Pocatello and across South East Idaho. 

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