Questions to Ask a Carpet Cleaning Company

Let’s face it. Worn, dirty carpeting brings down the look of an entire house. New carpeting is expensive. Regular carpet cleaning to protect your carpeting investment is a necessity!

But how do you find a quality carpet cleaning company? It helps to ask the right questions before hiring.

  1. Ask for an Estimate.
  2. Nobody likes surprises on an invoice for a service. Getting an estimate will let you know what to expect ahead of time. Many companies will come out to your home for a free consultation and this will give you the best estimation of costs. Estimates will also give you a basis to compare several cleaning companies.

  3. Find out what Carpet Cleaning Method is utilized.
  4. The carpet cleaning company you ultimately hire should be knowledgeable on different carpet types and have a specific plan for your carpeting based on fiber type and any staining issues. Be sure to ask about technician experience and read company reviews from previous customers.

  5. Are you Bonded and Insured?
  6. If the answer is no, this is a huge red flag! Reputable companies know that proper insurance is necessary. Ask to see proof of insurance before hire. Also, if you have any areas of concern with your carpet, perhaps the carpet is loose in some areas, but sure to mention this to your technician before cleaning begins.

  7. How long will it take for the Carpet to Dry?
  8. Typically, this is about 24 hours. Any longer might indicate that the extraction process is not strong enough. Your carpet cleaning company should be able to give you some tips to shorten the drying time.

  9. Is your work guaranteed?
  10. Most companies offers guarantees for their work, however the conditions of the guarantees can vary. Be sure that you understand the terms of the guarantee and that the terms are acceptable to you.

Regular carpet cleanings will help you get the most out of your carpeting investment. For further questions or consultations in the Blackfoot, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and surrounding Eastern Idaho communities, please give the professionals at Freeman Carpet Cleaning a call today!