FreemanBubbles_contactFreeman Carpet Cleaning is a family-owned, Pocatello business. For years, we have had the opportunity to serve the Pocatello and South East Idaho region. With our strong passion for high quality, low cost commercial, rental, and residential cleaning services, we have established ourselves as a long-standing member of the Pocatello business community. As the owners of the company, Rhett and Suzanne Freeman are proud to be a supportive component of our local economy.

Our success is not only driven by our demand for excellence in our work, but our relationships with our clients. We strive to improve the quality of workplace environments by maintaining sanitary, fresh and neat commercial spaces. Therefore, we consider ourselves to be part of a team for the companies we work with. We know that consistent, timely, convenient, and thorough service is both hard to find and extremely valuable for busy companies and individuals. It is this philosophy which has allowed us to grow and develop as the years have passed.

However, we don’t think that high quality must mean high prices. Our priority isn’t just to take from our friends and neighbors. Rather, we seek to create relationships with our clients which are mutually beneficial. We genuinely care about giving back to not only the businesses and individuals we work with directly, but to the community as a whole. We believe that strong businesses are created through strong and meaningful friendships. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the majority of our new customers are referred from our existing clientèle.

As we have become established and successful, we have also refined our craft. We insist on using the most effective cleaning products and supplies available. Just as each of our clients has specific, individual needs, we are able to provide the most appropriate solutions to their problems. With so many different options available, our years of experience allows us to share the knowledge to choose the right products and services for your unique requirements.

We believe that our success in the Pocatello business world stems from the excellent individuals we work with. We see ourselves as an integral part of the success of the regional economy as a whole. But, our success is also tied with the success of others. That is why we remain committed to excellence within our company. This approach has led to countless long-standing business and personal relationships across the region. 

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