Upon cleaning your carpets and upholstery, Freeman Carpet Cleaning is happy to provide the application of scotchguard. In our years of experience, we have found that any and all lines of defense should be used against the strains placed upon carpets and furniture in Pocatello’s unique environment.

This fabric protection technology will help prevent dirt, grime, dust, and moisture from penetrating the deep levels of your furniture and carpets. This can help avoid premature wear, and save you a substantial amount of money in early replacement costs as the years pass. Having scotchguard applied by the professionals at Freeman Carpet Cleaning ensures the most effective utilization of this stain prevention tool.

Surfaces treated with scotchguard have a much higher success rate in stain removal. This is because the scotchguard product creates a barrier which affords one the time to clean up spills and other messes before they sink in. Untreated carpets and furniture will immediately soak up any liquid poured onto their surfaces. This means that these substances have integrated into fabrics on a deep level, making successful cleanup difficult or even impossible. With scotchguard, liquids will bead and sit atop surfaces for a period of time following a spill. This allows you time to remove messes before they become a more significant problem.

In addition, scotchguard can help slow general wear-and-tear of your carpets and furniture. High traffic carpets are easily identified by excessive levels of soil and deterioration of fibers. Scotchguard can help slow this process when accompanied with regular and consistent personal and professional cleaning services.

However, scotchguard is not invincible. If allowed to sit, liquids, dirt, and grime can and will soak into even recently treated carpets and fabrics. It is, therefore, the owner’s responsibility to take care of spills immediately. Having a scotchguard treatment does not mean that you can neglect your carpets and fabrics altogether. Rather, scotchguard should be viewed as an additional tool which defends your carpets and fabrics from both emergency spill situations and wear accumulating from every day use. Although Freeman Carpet Cleaning highly recommends scotchguard treatment on carpets and upholstery, it should be understood that it will not be effective if other aspects of carpet and fabric care are neglected.

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