Commercial Janitorial ServicesFinding a trustworthy, quality janitorial service can be difficult. If your Pocatello business is in need of regular cleaning, Freeman Carpet Cleaning offers custom custodial services to meet your demands.

Offices, retail stores, warehouses, and other business spaces may be subject to a variety of traffic sources. Many find manual cleaning to be cumbersome and unpleasant. In addition, business owners and their employees are usually just too busy to fuss with the never ending task of cleaning commercial spaces.

Restrooms, counter tops, break rooms, and eating areas are exposed to countless contaminants on a daily basis. Bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microbial problem-causers thrive in wet, unclean spaces. A sanitary environment is prerequisite to sustaining the momentum of your business. Because these germs can spread disease, uncleanliness will affect the both the work flow and comfort of you and your employees. Therefore, maintaining a clean, safe work environment should be top priority for any successful business.

Freeman Carpet Cleaning specializes in customized janitorial services. We can split the job into pieces, dividing your commercial space into high-traffic and low-traffic regions. Each space can be cleaned as frequently as necessary. We can schedule to clean at times which are most convenient for you. This saves you money while alleviating the constant burden of manual cleaning from you and your staff. In addition, your company can save the hassle and price of stocking special cleaning supplies for the different messes which happen around your business.

Our janitorial professionals are trained to provide the highest quality cleaning service available in South East Idaho. They understand the specialized needs of every kind of mess your business might create. With respect to your schedule and privacy, we can arrange to clean at times that are convenient for you. Freeman Carpet Cleaning will work with you to create a cleaning schedule that meets your needs and budget.

In addition to cleaning, our janitorial services can also include stocking items such as paper towels, soap, and other varieties of hygiene products. Save yourself the embarrassment of running out of these necessities by having our professionals maintain stock for you.

Freeman Carpet Cleaning is the only cleaning service you will ever need! Give us a call today!

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