Office with Hard FloorAs Pocatello’s premier cleaning provider, Freeman Carpet Cleaning offers hard floor maintenance services. With such a variety of hard floor surfaces in use today, wide expertise is required to clean and protect each unique style. Improper cleaning and lack of sincere maintenance causes floors to age and decompose at a premature, unacceptable rate. Freeman Carpet Cleaning has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your hard surfaces are cleaned and protected at all times. This ensures the longevity of the very ground your business stands upon.

We clean and maintain the following many hard floor surfaces including:

  • Hard Wood
  • Clay and Ceramic Tile; Grout
  • Concrete
  • Natural Stone - (Marble, Granite, Limestone are most common)
  • Slate
  • Linoleum

As you can see, hard floor surfaces come in countless varieties today. Both man-made and natural sources are used to create beautiful, sturdy, and long lasting surfaces. Freeman Carpet Cleaning understands the unique demands which arise from each kind of material being used in both the modern and not-so-modern buildings we see across South East Idaho.

Replacing worn floors is both expensive and time consuming. However, floors are exposed to endless stresses stemming from grime and soil, temperature fluctuation, moisture and humidity, weight loads, and foot traffic. As they age, they may become more sensitive to the every day abuses they face. You and your property deserve the highest quality maintenance services to avoid the draining hassle of replacing hard surfaces.

Although each surface is different, floors may require rinsing, specialized chemical cleaning treatment, scrubbing, waxing, buffing, and sealing. If done incorrectly or irregularly, floors may discolor, wear, peel, or even crack under pressure. Over our years of experience, Freeman Carpet Cleaning has developed a deep understanding how surfaces respond to different chemicals and repeated treatments. Our technicians are trained on how to approach the wide variety of jobs they face while cleaning hard floor surfaces. Alongside advances in technology and chemistry, technicians are kept up to date with the latest tools, techniques, methods, chemicals, and maintenance practices. This means that your surfaces receive the care and concern of a local business, while taking advantage of cutting edge cleaning strategies available today.

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