Commercial CleaningPerhaps you have experienced problems with the quality of your current cleaning service. Or, perhaps you are ready to hire your first service provider. Either way, you need somebody who is consistent, timely, trustworthy, and affordable. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop both the services and relationships with businesses across South East Idaho.

Freeman Carpet Cleaning offers a wide variety of cleaning services for commercial businesses. In addition to carpet cleaning, we offer janitorial and custodial services and also hard floor maintenance.

Carpets in workspace environments are often exposed to high levels of traffic. Dirt, dust, oil, debris, and food accumulates deep inside the fibers of all carpet products. When carpets are neglected, they show wear more quickly and their longevity suffers. Even with regular vacuuming, a more serious, deep cleaning is needed to keep carpets fresh and clean. Just imagine how happy your co-workers and employees will be to open the doors to newly renewed carpets across their offices!

If your office needs regular cleaning, Freeman Carpet Cleaning offers janitorial services which will keep your office neat and tidy. Keeping your workplace sanitary prevents the spread of disease, helping sustain the momentum your business needs to succeed. Public restrooms, drinking fountains, toilets, sinks, and floors are all high-risk areas where countless germs, bacteria, viruses, and other microbial creatures thrive. If neglected, you and your staff are at higher risk for disease spread than you ought to be. Our team will make sure that these areas are completely and regularly disinfected to ensure the health and well being of you, your company, and your customers.

Hard floors can be hard to clean. They are exposed to countless contaminants coming from both the air and from whatever might be dragged in on our shoes. This is doubly true for surfaces located outdoors, which are also exposed to changes in temperature, humidity, and sunlight. Without advanced knowledge and experience, floors and surfaces may suffer from premature wear and tear. Each and every type of hard floor has specific cleaning demands. Concrete, tile, grout, wood, and stone - just to name a few - all need special attention regularly to ensure longevity. Fading, yellowing, scratching, and other damages can be created from poor choice and improper use of cleaning products. Over the years, Freeman Carpet Cleaning has experimented and tried countless solutions to countless cleaning problems. Our expertise enables us to solve your cleaning problem correctly the first time. Not only will your surfaces be clean and shiny, we use products which avoid any potential damage to the floors you stand upon.

Rental unit cleaning can be time consuming and frustrating. At the same time, your properties and renters deserve top quality, thorough carpet cleaning. With the utmost diligence and attention to detail, Freeman Carpet Cleaning can turn your rental units into clean, tidy palaces. You’ll hardly be able to believe that you rented the property out in the first place!

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