Upholstery CleaningFreeman Carpet Cleaning also offers upholstery cleaning for the furniture in your home. Our years of business in Pocatello, Idaho have led us to understand the countless styles of fabric your furniture might be made of. Our team of cleaning professionals has experimented with all of the best cleaning supplies on the market. We have developed a specialized, unique arsenal of chemicals, tools, and techniques to tackle the cleaning challenges across your entire home. Whether your furniture is brand new or a special antique passed down from your oldest relatives, Freeman Carpet Cleaning understands the unique demands your furniture requires.

Do your guests or family members experience allergies - even after the carpets are cleaned? It is very likely that pollen, hair, and other allergens have settled deeply into your upholstery. Help avoid the discomfort of these allergies by having Freeman Carpet Cleaning clean your furniture regularly.

Mattresses, futons, couches, love seats, sofas, recliners, and office chairs are but a few of the items we can clean. Our technicians are specially trained to take the time to analyze the kinds of material your upholstery is made of. Upon identification, they will draw upon the most cutting edge cleaning chemicals and techniques to bring the life back to every piece of furniture in your home. They will ensure that you understand how to maintain your upholstery after the job is finished, and how long it will take to dry.

With years of experience comes deep expertise. Our well established, local Pocatello business has been successful because of our dedication to providing high quality services at the prices you can afford.

Just like your floors and carpets, the longevity of your furniture is dependent upon its cleanliness. Your valued furniture deserves the same attention as your floors and carpets. Upon cleaning of the upholstery, your home will not only feel, smell, and appear more clean, it will genuinely be more clean. Dust, pollen, hair, and other allergens can all find refuge in your furniture. Over time, this can settle deeply into fabrics and create unnecessary, premature wear. Let Pocatello’s top professionals clean and renew your furniture today!

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