We hear this question a lot at Freeman Carpet Cleaning. We certainly understand that everyone is trying to make wise decisions with their money. Carpet cleaning is an immediate expense. However, not taking proper care of your carpet will end up costing you more in the long run. Deep-down soil that settles into the base of your carpet fibers, over time will cause your fibers to break down prematurely. This dirt cannot be removed by vacuuming alone.

The key is to figure out the best professional carpet cleaning schedule for your home’s needs. This will allow you to protect your carpet investment from premature wear as well as to be able to properly budget and plan for the professional carpet cleaning fees.

Here are the questions we ask our customers when helping them to determine their ideal carpet cleaning schedule.

Does your carpeting have a warranty? Most carpet manufactures require your carpet to have a professional steam cleaning once a year. The technical name is a hot water extraction. If warranty protection is a concern, be sure to keep copies of your yearly carpet cleaning invoices.

If you do not have a warranty, then you will want to consider the following variables in determining your carpet cleaning schedule.

Kids: Do you have children that live in your home or grandchildren that visit frequently? Kids can be tough on carpet as they are perpetually in motion! Typically, a home with children will require carpet cleaning every 6-12 months.

Pets: Pets are wonderful companions. Dogs and cats do add to carpet wear due to the increased dander and hair. If you have pets that go outdoors, they will track in dirt as well. Carpets with pets should be cleaned professionally every 6-12 months. If your pet has any bladder or urine issues, you should consider cleaning more frequently.

Adults: If your home is primarily just occupied by adults, your carpet will receive less wear and tear. Homes with just adults can go 1-2 years between professional carpet cleanings.

More questions? Want to talk about your specific carpet needs? As always, in the Blackfoot, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and surrounding Eastern Idaho area, give us a call at Freeman Carpet Cleaning!