Woman ready to mold proof her houseMold growth in your home is dangerous to your health. It can also be an expensive problem to remedy. The professionals at Freeman Carpet Cleaning would like to share our top mold prevention tips to protect your home.

The number one key to remember is that mold thrives in a moist environment. Moisture control is critical!

  1. Look for areas where mold is likely to flourish. Have a basement that floods? Windows with condensation? Areas of the ceiling that have water damage? Check these areas thoroughly to see if any mold might be forming. Clean immediately and call a professional for a consultation. If caught early, it is considerably less expensive to remove the mold and fix the problem area to prevent future problems.
  2. Check for proper ventilation. High moisture areas in the home; bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, must have good air circulation. Make sure dryers and stoves are vented properly. Vents should go outside, not in an attic or crawlspace. Use exhaust fans in the bathroom when showering and in the kitchen when cooking.
  3. Use mold resistant products. Have a remodeling project? This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of today’s mold resistant products such as paint with mold inhibitor and mold resistant dry wall. Use of preventative products will ensure that mold cannot grow on treated surfaces in your home.
  4. Use a dehumidifier! Have a basement? Moisture control is going to be a challenge. A good dehumidifier will remove excess moisture and reduce the chances of a mold problem in your home.
  5. Check the ground outside your home. Make sure that the ground is sloped in such a way that water doesn’t collect near the foundation and seep into the basement or crawlspace.

Freeman Carpet Cleaning hopes these tips will help you prevent a problem with mold in your home. As always, if you need additional assistance in the Blackfoot, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, or Eastern Idaho area, contact us! We would be happy to assist you with any home mold challenges!