Spilling cocktailClean, comfortable, high quality furniture is the key to creating a warm inviting living room space for spending time with friends and family.  In fact, your family room is likely to be the most popular spot in your house.  Inevitably, this high traffic area of your home is going to be the scene for spills.  The professionals at Freeman Carpet Cleaning would like to share some of our favorite upholstery stain cleaning tips with you. 

white-grey-catOne of the challenges of pet ownership is pet carpet stains.  Whether it’s a new puppy or kitten, or an older animal that has made a mistake, pet urine stains can be an embarrassing problem.  At Freeman Carpet Cleaning, we understand the stress of pet carpet stains and would like to share some cleanup tips with you. 

Boot tracks in snowWelcome to mid winter.  The holidays are over.  Temperatures have been frigid and the weather is still wet.  In fact, rain and snow have been abundant this year in Southeast Idaho.  Your home is in need of some attention.  Whether it’s your kids running in and out, alternating between playing in the snow and warming up, or the holiday parties and the guests who filled your house with joy in December, chances are your carpet is in need of some TLC.  Your pets are indoors more this time of year and it is impossible to keep up with all the dander and hair with just vacuuming alone.  It’s a fact; winter carpet cleaning is a must in the Pocatello area. 

Carpet CleaningWe've all done it before-- it's Monday night football with the guys and those wings you've been eating are suddenly all over the recliner after your signature touchdown dance. First there is that moment of sheer panic, followed by frantic scrubbing with an entire paper towel roll before you finally realize that there is no way you are getting that stain out yourself. Before you call in the experts at Freeman Carpet Cleaning, here are some helpful tips for self-removal of stains.

Rental PropertyAs a rental property owner, you have taken on a great investment.  One of the best ways to protect your investment is with regular carpet cleaning.  Regular carpet cleaning helps to lengthen the life of the carpet in your rental units.  Replacing carpeting is expensive and most times can be prevented with proper care.  It is an absolute must to have the carpet professionally cleaned between tenants.   For long term renters, consider also having the carpets cleaned professionally at regular intervals, once or twice a year.  It will keep the carpet in good condition and keep your renters happy too!  In Pocatello and Southeastern Idaho, trust the professionals at Freeman Carpet Cleaning to get the job done right and know that your proactive cleaning will save you money in the long run.