Rental Property Showing

Nothing is more of a turn off to responsible potential tenants than viewing a rental property that has not been properly cleaned. A clean rental shows tenants that you are a responsible landlord.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! The cleaning experts at Freeman Carpet Cleaning have put together a handy rental cleaning checklist to help you make sure your property is ready for a successful showing.

Holiday Party CleanupAre you throwing a holiday party? Maybe hosting overnight guests? Perhaps sooner than later? Are you running short on time to get your house ready for visitors? Not to worry, we understand! The professionals at Freeman Carpet Cleaning are here to provide some tips on how to get your house ready for guests in a jiffy!

Holiday Carpet PreparationThe holiday season is rapidly approaching. With all the joy the season brings, there are also unavoidable messes and necessary cleanup. Hosting a holiday celebration is both a pleasure and a stress. The professionals at Freeman Carpet Cleaning would like to share some tips to help you prepare for guests.

stockvault-candycorn-candy127673It’s Halloween time and that means candy galore. If you happen to share your home with a young child or have a young grandchild visiting, chances are you just might find a piece of abandoned hard candy on your beautiful carpet. Lollipops, Jolly Ranches, Gobstoppers, so many possibilities for the candy stain you find. The professionals at Freeman Carpet Cleaning would like to share these hard candy carpet cleaning tips to help you get your carpet cleaned up from your little goblin or princess.

Carpet Grass Stain RemovalFall is here and it’s time for football season! What better way to spend the weekend then lounging in the family room watching your team’s game? Don’t forget the food! Chicken wings and pizza, these greasy favorites are perfect to feed the crowd gathered in your living room.

Until, inevitably, a piece of pizza or a chicken wing is dropped on your beautiful carpet. Despite your best efforts to quickly clean up the spill, a large, unattractive greasy spot remains. Not to worry! The professionals at Freeman Carpet Cleaning would like to offer a few quick grease stain clean up pointers so you can get back to cheering for the game.